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Natural Ozone

Ozone Olive Healing Gel

Ozone Olive Healing Gel

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The Ozone Olive Healing Gel is sometimes referred to as "the Everything Gel" and is used for anything that applies for the skin for both humans and pets. This gel is made from pure organic oil, with all its beneficial qualities, and infused with O3 supercharged oxygen. While the natural oils nurture and balance your skin, the medical grade ozone repairs and restores, leaving your cells with the legacy of readily absorbed oxygen:

  • Fully ozonated oil which is formed in to a soothing salve.
  • 100% certified organic oil and ultra pure ozone (made with medical grade ozone equipment and process).
  • Strong anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties.
  • Glass packaging, stored refrigerated prior to shipping for the highest purity and ships with a cool pack.
  • No added chemicals, preservatives, or stabilisers.
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