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Hempseed Oil & Maca

Hempseed Oil & Maca

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Find balance and energy with a Maca and Hemp Seed Oil blend, supporting hormonal balance in both men and women to counteract the long term effects of stress such as sleep deprivation, pain and mood imbalance.

This combination also supports menopausal symptoms, and aids in reducing prostate inflammation, enhances mood, energy, and sexual desire while promoting cognitive function and healthy skin. Experience our Hemp Maca blend's transformative benefits.

Ingredients per capsule: 1000mg of organic New Zealand hemp seed oil, 100mg of 10:1 pure organic maca extract (equivalent to 1 gram dry maca root). Other ingredients: Vanilla extract, gelatine, glycerine, water

Adults 3-5 capsules daily with water as a dietary supplement

150 capsules

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