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Enzyme Science

Intolerance Complex

Intolerance Complex

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Provides specialised enzymes for the most common food intolerances.


  • High-potency digestive enzyme blend 
  • Specialised for gluten, casein, lactose, complex carbohydrate and phenol sensitivities
  • Contains additional enzymes for fat, fibre, protein and carbohydrate digestion

Intolerance Complex by Enzyme Science offers a broad approach to digestive sensitivities. This unique formula was crafted to cover all of the major food intolerances in a single capsule.

Unlike food allergies, which are an immune reaction, food intolerance is a digestive occurrence caused by an insufficient quantity of a particular enzyme to digest the offending food. Intolerance can manifest as occasional diarrhea, bloating, cramping or upset stomach. By supplementing the digestive system with targeted enzymes, the body can more efficiently break down foods to lessen or prevent symptoms that are common to food intolerance. Intolerance Complex gives your body what it needs to enjoy the foods you love.

Enzyme Science formulates each enzyme focused product with exclusive Thera-blend enzymes. The Thera-blend process is scientifically designed to provide optimal solutions for digestive health and wellness. These unique protease, amylase, cellulase and lipase enzymes are comprised of multiple variants which are blended to work synergistically throughout the broad pH range of the human body.

90 capsules (45 servings)

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