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Herbal Formula (specialised & personalised fluid extract) 500 mL

Herbal Formula (specialised & personalised fluid extract) 500 mL

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Botanical extracts are highly potent and can only be prescribed by a naturopath or medical herbalist. We have made these liquid extracts available online for your convenience however due to professional practice guidelines, we will need to have a brief phone consultation (maximum of 10 minutes) before these herbs can be dispatched to you. Regardless if you have already paid, we will not mix/send these herbs to you until this consultation has taken place.

Brief Phone Consultation
If ordering this personalised herbal formula, please be prepared to receive a phone call from us. We will need to know - and you must inform us - of any diagnosed medical conditions, medications/supplements you are currently taking and if you are pregnant (or planning to become pregnant) as some herbs may be contraindicated for your particular condition. This is of paramount importance and we can not take responsibility for any adverse effects if you withhold any information from us. This consultation (maximum of 10 minutes) is included in the final cost.

If you are unsure which herbs you require, select any 3 and we will discuss which are best for you in the consultation.

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