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DUTCH Hormone Testing

DUTCH Hormone Testing

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DUTCH COMPLETE (for men or women) $630
The Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) is a comprehensive hormone profile that evaluates your reproductive and adrenal hormones. It is a urine test that is conducted in the privacy of your own home.

Hormones measured (35 in total) include Progesterone, Oestrogen (3 forms), Testosterone, Cortisol, Cortisone, Sleep Hormones as well as their metabolites. 8OHdG – a validated marker for oxidative damage to DNA – is also measured. Daily free cortisol patterns give insight regarding stress loading and cortisol response, which we compare to normal diurnal patterns. The insomnia panel is also now included in this test.

Key Advantages:

  • More comprehensive than serum, saliva or 24-hour urine testing
  • Easy collection
  • Unparalleled adrenal testing (diurnal free cortisol pattern with cortisol metabolites)
  • Accurate and comprehensive testing of sex hormones and metabolites (including 2,4,16-OH oestrogens)
  • 8 separate lab methods (GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS) to ensure the most accurate methods for each test


DUTCH PLUS (for men or women) $880
The DUTCH Plus takes hormone testing to a whole new level. In addition to all the markers in the DUTCH Complete (above), the DUTCH Plus adds the Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR). This is a very important marker for those with sleep disturbances and morning fatigue.


DUTCH PLUS + CYCLE MAPPING (women only) $1210
The DUTCH Cycle Mapping Plus not only maps oestrogen and progesterone through the monthly menstrual cycle, but also adds the comprehensiveness of all the hormone metabolites along with the cortisol awakening response (CAR). The insomnia panel is also now included in this test.

Hormonal balance is key. Fluctuating levels of oestradiol and progesterone play a major role in a woman’s overall health. This panel is designed for cycling women who struggle with ongoing symptoms such as monthly migraines, fertility issues, or PCOS. The addition of the cortisol awakening response (CAR), a transient, immediate rise in cortisol upon awakening (distinct from the diurnal rhythm), provides a fuller assessment of hormone fluctuations, baseline stress response, and reflects a patient’s ability to cope with anticipated challenges. CAR also shows a patient’s perception of control around chronic stress, providing insight into HPA resiliency.

When is Cycle Mapping Plus Recommended?

  • Women struggling with infertility
  • Women with cycling hormones and no menses
  • Partial hysterectomy (ovaries intact but no uterus)
  • Ablations
  • Women with irregular cycles
  • PCOS
  • If the luteal phase shifts from month-to-month
  • Not sure when to test due to long or short cycles
  • Women whose hormonal symptoms tend to fluctuate throughout the cycle
  • PMS, mid-cycle spotting, migraines, etc

When is Cycle Mapping Plus NOT Recommended?

  • Postmenopausal women
  • Women on birth control
  • Women with cycles that follow the expected pattern


Sample Required: Urine/Saliva | Test Type: Hormone & Metabolism | Sample: View sample report

Costs: Negligible admin costs are added to functional tests. Each test kit comes with a pre-paid courier bag (complete with detailed instructions) for you to conduct and send yourself. Most of the labs we use are US-based as we do not have reputable functional labs in New Zealand. The results take 3-4 weeks to arrive and will be sent directly to us - we forward results onto you the same day (the lab reports come with very detailed explanations/descriptions of the results). Thereafter, if you would like a consultation (online or in person) to discuss the results, our usual consultation charge would be additional to the functional test.​

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