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NZ Fulvic



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NOTE: Ambiguous manufacturer - unfortunately, we can no longer stock this product due to the precarious and untrustworthy nature of this company. However, we have sourced a very impressive and more comprehensive product, FulviMin.

See FulviMin here

Fulvic acid has many properties that enables it to work on cellular as well as mitochondrial level.

Fulvic acid
The main major constituents of Fulvic acid is nucleic acids (DNA – charged and RNA +charged.) and amino acids. It also contains many complex minerals (fulvates) and trace minerals that includes almost every element in the periodic table. This makes Fulvic acid a polyelectrolyte. In addition to that Fulvic acid contains charged antioxidants, free radical scavengers, super oxide dismutase (SOD), nutrients, enzymes, hormones, natural antibiotics, natural antivirals and natural antifungals. 

The cell and absorption
Fulvic acid has a low molecular weight (small molecule) that is water soluble over a wide pH range. Fulvic acid’s electrolyte value has shown to increase cell membrane permeability i.e. it sensitizes cell membranes for better absorption and assimilation of other substances. This distinguishes Fulvic acid is a unique delivery system. It acts like a train engine by hooking other substances like minerals (Magnesium) vitamins (Vitamin C) and other substances onto the Fulvic molecule, penetrates the cell membrane and then drops of its load in the cytoplasm in the cell. On the way out of the cell the Fulvic acid picks up any cell debris, toxins (ex. heavy metals) and other waste material in the cytoplasm, hooks it on to the fulvic molecule and brings it out of the cell (detoxes) and deposits it in the matrix (the space outside the cell).


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